Durer’s Rhinocerous

450mm high
Super Sulpey, Acrylic paint, soft body construction.

“Albrecht Durer made a woodcut of a Rhinoceros – a beast he had never seen, based on a description given to him by an unknown artist. The accuracy is striking. King Manuel I of portugal kept the Rhinoceros in his exotic menagerie. He orchestrated a fight between the Rhinoceros and one of his captive Elephants, which fled in fear. The rhinoceros was eventually gifted to the medici Pope, Leo X in 1515, however during the trip, the ship sank in a storm. The rhinoceros, chained and shackled to the deck to keep it under control, was unable to swim to safety and drowned.

Exhibited at
2016             Journeys through dark and light : Dolls as Storytellers, Petaluma Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2016             The White Clouds Academy Show,  Academy Gallery, Wellington.
2015             NIADA 52nd Annual Show, Portland, Oregon, USA
2014-2015    The Creatives, Puke Airiki Museum, Taranaki, NZ
2012              “Wild at Heart” Pataka Gallery, Wellington, NZ