The Kakapo Collector

350mm high
3D printed Resin, Acrylic Paint

In the deepest forest, at the end of the world in Aotearoa, the Rimu guardian rests while ward Artie Kakapo lies sleeping protected in the burrow of its belly, tucked away at the bottom of a rimu tree. While the forest rests the moon illuminates a glade where the Moose of Fiordland stands watch over his forest domain, ever on the look-out for lurking predators. As day breaks Artie Kakapo mounts his trusty Powelliphanta Stead to take on the encroaching forest predators in a ferocious battle to keep the stoat population at bay.

The Kakapo Collector is part of the Rakiura Quest series of toys which tell Aotearoa New Zealand’s canonical story of Kakapo conservation. The stories are told through Hero Kakapo “Artie” and his companions, champions and adversaries. The Raikiura Quest figurines are digitally sculpted in Maya and Zbrush and 3D printed on a Form 2 printer.

Exhibited at
2017            Toymakers of planet earth : Stranger Factory, Albuquerque, USA
2017            54th Annual National Institute of American Doll Artists Conference, Nashville, Tennessee
2017            Prague Doll Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.